Had lunch at Little Penang, Kelapa Gading Mall

9:52:00 PM

wew, last Saturday, me and my hunny tried to have lunch Little Penang, Kelapa Gading Mall.

It was a little bit late to have lunch actually...the clock was already 2.30 pm, shopping things made us crazy and forget to have lunch. Hmm following are what we got there :
  • My hunny ordered " Curry Laksa Red Roasted Chicken = Kari Laksa Ayam Panggang Merah" with price IDR 31.800

it's so yummy...
  • and I had this "Grilled Chicken Fried Kway Teow = Kway Teow Goreng Ayam Bakar" for free (YAY!) tx for the promo :D

the taste was also yummy :)
  • And for the drinks, we ordered "Cendol" and " Teh Tarik " HAHA

I think, it's worth it to have lunch at this resto :D


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