Another Eat Eat Eat at Sushi Groove

10:45:00 PM

Makan terusss!!! hahaha :D

yay... it's time for Sushi Groove, again, I and hun visited Kelapa Gading Mal (why do i love this mall so much??). Forgot with diet things, and wanted to satisfy my stomach I was wondering what can we get in this Sushi Groove...

Let's see what we got :

  • First one is Krakatau Roll : Gindara and asparagus with mayo sauce.. hmmm not bad!
  • Second one is Flying Fish Roll : Fresh tuna and smoked beef topped with unagi in sweet and spicy sauce... yummy!
  • The last one is Softshell Crab Temaki : yummy toooo!!!
Love it!! not bad lah....hihihihihi
wondering... how much weight I gain from these 2 days culinary at mall *fiuuh*
sorry for the bad pics, all of these pics were taken with my mobile phone :D


*tx to miss sandy for the make up :D - after photo session nih ;D*

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  1. Interesting sushi... never had tuna AND beef AND unagi together! I love softshell scrab, though!


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