My Project : Fashion Photography

12:10:00 PM

I love photography thing... capturing many beautiful things and moments. It has became my favourite hobby since last two years, when I bought my first prosumer camera. Luckily, my very very very best friend a.k.a my boyfriend also has the same hobby. Several months ago I was asked by my best matey to help her taking picture of her stuffs. She was going to open an online boutique at that time. So I and my boyfriend had our first project for fashion photography hihihi....

Anyway, this photosession ran prettywell from morning til evening huaw... tired? of course.. but i was really really happy capturing beautiful poses.
Here are some of the result :

Courtesy of PurpleSignature FashionCorner

what do you think???
If you are interested buying their clothes, just follow them via facebook : PurpleSignature FashionCorner


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