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What type of make up brush that can help us to get a perfect make up?

Hmm that’s my question. I used to be confused with the type of make up brush.So I started to browse and learn . Following are information about brush type that I got :

  1. Foundation Brush - help you to apply and blend foundation/base make up to your face. Usually work well with all types of foundation, including creams, liquids, and even solids.

  1. Powder Brush - help you to dust loose powder on your face. It comes with different type of size, typically medium to large, and features long bristles.

    I usually use this brush for my blush too :)
    Another type of powder brush that i know is Kabuki brush. You can see the picture below :

    It has denser bristles than a regular brush and dome shaped, typically used for heavier coverage.

  1. Blush Brush - also vary in size and shape. Softer brush will give you a softer layer of color on the face, while a coarser brush will pick up more color. Its shape can be dome or slanted. Domed brush is usually used to apply color evenly over cheek area.Slanted brush is used to apply along the cheek line to define the shape of the cheek.

    Domed Brush
    Slanted Brush

  1. EyeShadow Brush - the brush is usually slightly angled or tapered. It helps you to apply and blend your eyeshadow neatly on your eyelid.

  2. Angled Eye Brush - Easily blend your eyeshadow on the corner of your eyes. They say that this brush is ideal for contouring the crease area.

  3. Eyeliner Brush - help you to apply eyeliner gel on upper or lower lashlines. Soft tipped point will help you to get thin and controlled liner.

  4. Eyebrow Brush - use the angle-shaped brush. This brush will help you to apply your eyebrow powder nicely.

  5. Concealer Brush - this brush will help you applying concealer precisely on the spot with right amount.

  6. Lip Brush - will help you to blend the lipstick perfectly on your lip and get in to all corner and hard to reach area, and also can be used to soften the line of your lip liner.

  7. Fan Brush - this brush has multiple usage. It can help you to sweep out eyeshadow fallout on your face without smearing your make up. It also can be used to highlight your top cheekbone, to contour your cheekbone, or highlight your nose.

  8. Hmm hope this information will help you too ;)

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